1+1 = DERI3

DERI3 stands for the symbiosis of function and form. Every design is a piece of art, designed for your house, office or public space. Results are personal, refined furniture objects that no one puts in the corner. 

Behind the design 

DERI3’s inspiration varies from everyday subtleties to peculiar objects. Each design is so intimate, DERI3 names it after it’s owner. Ultimate satisfaction lies in the smile – or the tear – of a happy customer. 

Meet your maker 

‘DERI3’ is actually short for Ruben Deriemaeker – an appropriate moniker, since it contains the old fashioned Flemish spelling for ‘maker’. Living up to his name, Ruben is a functional artist with an urge to design. The place he calls home since 1990 is Antwerp, genuinely a designer’s Walhalla.